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"African Essences are very bright, very Yang, and I notice a response really quickly when taking them."
(A.S. An Essence Distributor in England.)

"These superb new African Essences are powerful! Perhaps a reflection of the conditions in Africa where a flower has a battle to gather enough water to blossom. Highly recommended to add to your collection for your personal development!"
I am enjoying your essences, nice spiritual qualities to them, yet very grounded and very strong. Yellow Hibiscus brought a huge smile and a laugh to me as it says.
( Dr. A.T is a Somerset G.P.who uses flower essences with clients to work on growth and development)

I have had an amazingly profound experience with African Essences. They are certainly very special!
(A.C a personal client in Nairobi, Kenya.)

Deborah is a Plant Shaman, and has worked with the Spirits of the plants themselves to bring forth these essences as a gift from the plant world to help us get a lot more in balance.
( R.C. A Medicine Woman and Herbalist in Gloucestershire U.K)

I have students really drawn to your essences. Their energy obviously calls. I would like to incorporate them into my trainings.
( R.S. A Flower Essence Producer, Practitioner and Teacher in the Lake District U.K)

These African Essences are on a high energetic level and are very powerful and very clear.
( C.F. A Bio Resonance Practitioner and Reiki Healer in Nairobi, Kenya)

I have experienced African Essences to have great clarity and healing qualities in their vibrational energy. I believe they are a powerful tool and I recommend them to anyone who wishes to create change and bring balance into their lives.
( C.A. A massage therapist and Holistic Healer in Nairobi Kenya)

I think they are all great essences and KNOW that they are strong! Journeying to the Sprit of the plants is why your essences are so strong.There is so much depth and power there. There is a sense of authority about African Essences, a sense of primitive connection to the earth. Sensual, Spiritual and Shamanic.
( H.W. A Flower Essence Producer, Practitioner and Astrologer in London UK )


Testimonials about the individual essences

Wow! A wonderfull essence (Red Orchid)

Aloe is one of my favourites. It has such fire and positivity in it ( Aloe)

A very gentle energy to this essence but profound (Rose)

This is a 5 star essence! I've had the best night's sleep in ages - deep but very refreshing (Indian Ocean)

I feel Passiflora is very strong and has a very high vibration. (Passion)

Your Lavender essence saved my old labrador’s life last night. Amazing! It kept her still and calm while the pain in her leg subsided. She was getting in a state and her heart was starting to go mad. Thank you!(Lavendar)

The dream essence worked! I had a big dream last night with my olde North American totem animal ! ( Mugwort )  




Deborah Coulson




7 drops several times a day under the tongue, in the bath, on the wrists, or add to water


I felt as if I had returned to the Source and then re-emerged. (Papaya)

J. S A Bio Resonance practitioner