Panic Potion

Panic Potion helps with stress and anxiety. Also with emergencies, trauma and nightmares. It is also effective with loss and despair. It is made up of St John's Wort, Lavendar, Rose and Holy basil
  ST JOHN'S WORT lifts one out of deapir. It helps with depression stress and anxiety. It is calming comforting and soothing. It is physical joy as it is sun/earth/ yang/ day/ space. It is powerfully grounding and also uplifting at the same time, in that it lifts one out of darkness and grounds and balances. It is very sunny.  
St John's Wort      
lavendar   LAVENDER is calming and welcoming, balancing and centering. It is a warm and protective essence. It eases stress, tension and anger. It is soft and gentle.  
rose   ALOE Hot, strong, grounded.
A sense of belonging. Comfortable in one's own skin.
This moment is where I belong.
Feeling fabulous. Confidence. Courage of one's convictions.
Self worth. Self acceptance.
This is as it should be. Huge inner strength.
Fire of Transformation.
Holy Basil   HOLY BASIL is all about trust and acceptance. All is as it should be at any given moment in time. It opens the heart and mind to compassion, patience and understanding. It dissolves blockages as there is nothing there to contain them. It creates a huge space behind the heart to reside in.  
Holy Basil      

Dosage: Take seven drops under the tongue, on the wrists or in water every fifteen minutes until symptoms subside. Thereafter reduce the dosage.

What are Essences

People have been using flower essences for millenia, from the Aboriginals and Egyptians, to Paracelsus the famous 16th Century herbalist who collected dew from flowers to treat his patients, to Edward Bach 1886-1936 with his flower remedies.

Quantum physics states that all matter vibrates, and that there is a life force or energetic field that connects and is contained within all things. Modern scientists and indigenous cultures believe that plants radiate energy forces that are beneficial to man, and by exposing the human system to the correct and healthy vibrations in the form of flower essences, harmony and balance and therefore healing can be restored.


It is interesting that so many of the people I have been working with recently have chosen your Essences above all the other options I can offer them.

A Flower Essence practitioner