Combined Essences

This is Neela Shah's especially designed essence.
Nandi Flame is for healing and cooling. Traditionally used for burns and inflammation. Transforming fire, anger and pain into acceptance.
Yarrow is a sacred plant used for protection and divination by the Chinese and the Druids. Love charm. General well being.
A calming combination essence.
Holy Basil for trust (it's ok!)
St John's Wort for comfort
Yellow Aloe for grounding (for panic)
Lavender for peace
Rose for love
Use in emergencies.

Root Chakra - Ruby
Sacral Chakra - Carnelian
Solar Plexus Chakra - Honey Agate
The Heart Chakra - Emerald
The Throat Chakra - Blue Sodalite
Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst
Crown Chakra - Rutilated Quartz.

Holy Basil  

Fire - Ruby
Earth - Honey Agate
Metal - Gold and Crystal
Water - Aquamarine
Wood - Green Tourmaline


What are Essences

People have been using flower essences for millenia, from the Aboriginals and Egyptians, to Paracelsus the famous 16th Century herbalist who collected dew from flowers to treat his patients, to Edward Bach 1886-1936 with his flower remedies.

Quantum physics states that all matter vibrates, and that there is a life force or energetic field that connects and is contained within all things. Modern scientists and indigenous cultures believe that plants radiate energy forces that are beneficial to man, and by exposing the human system to the correct and healthy vibrations in the form of flower essences, harmony and balance and therefore healing can be restored.


It is interesting that so many of the people I have been working with recently have chosen your Essences above all the other options I can offer them.

A Flower Essence practitioner