About Flower Essences

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What are they?
Flower essences ( not essential oils) are an ancient form of vibrational medicine.
They are liquid tinctures especially prepared from flowers, sunlight and water, and preserved in alcohol.
Recent research into 'the memory of water' shows how water can be imprinted with energy and is a carrier of it. The quality of water changes on the information it receives.
The energy of sunlight transfers the pattern of life force of the flower directly into the water, with the healing vibrational properties of the flowers.

How do they work?
The principle of Einsteinian or Quantum physics states that all matter is energy which vibrates, and that there is a life force, or energetic field that connects and is contained in all things.
Albert Einstein expressed the relationship between mass (m) and energy (e) in his special theory, embodied by the formula E = MC²
This means that energy and matter are measurable and inter-convertible. In other words, they are the two names of one thing. Mass is condensed energy. Importantly, mass is also influenced by energies which means that matter, such as DNA, is influenced by subtle energies such as essence.
Modern scientists and indigenous cultures believe that plants radiate energy forces that are beneficial to our well being.
When a flower essence is ingested or absorbed through the skin, it is initially assimilated into the blood stream, and then the nervous systems.
The energetic patterns contained within flowers works at the emotional, mental and physical level of all living beings, by restoring healthy resonating frequencies.
Dis-ease is eliminated and balance is restored to the system.

What are the qualities?
There are many ways to determine the particular qualities of the flowers... botanical relationships, form and gesture, growth patterns, colour, fragrance, environment, biochemical constituents, medicinal and herbal uses and meditative attunement.


About Deborah Coulson

African Essences are created by Deborah Coulson an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner. Deborah has been working with plants since 1989, initially as a Garden Designer.
In more recent years Deborah has learnt from internationally respected Shamans and Herbalists in a quest to deepen her relationship with plants and understand the magical connection she has with them.
Deborah is a member of BFVEA and BAFEP.

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These Essences are on a high energetic level and are very powerful and very clear.

A Bio Resonance practitioner